Bernard Goldman M.D., F.R.C.S.C

Professor - Cardiac Surgery

Research Interests:
Current Research interests are clinical and involve: aortic valve replacement with the stentless porcine valve, rnitral valve repair and valve surgery in the elderly; coronary artery bypass grafting with emphasis on myocardial protection, coronary endarterectomy, arterial revascularization. Cardiac pacing with specific interest in surgical aspects of implantation, management of complications and extraction.





“Heartbeat of Innovation: History of Heart Surgery at Toronto General Hospital”

Authors: N. Shorter, H. Scully, B. Goldman

University of Toronto Press

An in depth review of the surgeons and others from the 1930s to the present of the historically significant contributions  to cardiac surgery from the flagship institution of the University of Toronto


“Heart Surgery in Canada; Memoirs, Anecdotes, History and Perspective”

Authors: B. Goldman, S. Belanger 

A cross- Canada history of the first 50 years of heart surgery with contributions from all the leading centres and pioneer surgeons themselves from Newfoundland toBritish Columbia


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